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Osprey’s second investment delivers near 2x return

Osprey Capital’s second investment, following a re-financing of CAERUS Capital, has generated a return of 1.7x capital for investors to date.

Osprey retains a diluted minority holding.
The investment in CAERUS Capital Group, a specialist fund management and advice firm for advisers and consumers, was made in 2009. During this time the company has grown with more than GBP650 million now invested on behalf of clients.
Ronan Kearney, chairman of Osprey Capital Limited, who stepped down from the board of CAERUS Capital in November last year, says: “CAERUS Capital Group has been an excellent investment for Osprey Capital, having shown good growth over the past four years. I have especially enjoyed my time with CAERUS and have learnt a huge amount from working with Keith and the team in a fast growing company. I look forward to collaborating on other projects with them in the future.
“Of course, additionally, delivering such a return is also welcome on my second investment but more importantly than that it is further evidence it provides for our unique model. Osprey exited its first investment Allium Capital in February 2013, delivering a return of 11.9 x capital for investors. This is undoubtedly the way venture capital should be done and how Osprey will continue to operate.”
Keith Carby, chief executive of CAERUS Capital Group, says: “Ronan was one of the architects of CAERUS and has played a key role in our development to date. We have always known that his involvement with CAERUS was a step towards his longer-term ambitions in product manufacture. We are very grateful for his contributions and wish him well for the future.”

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