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Panoramic Ventures launches with USD300m fund as BIP Capital and Paul Judge join forces

Panoramic Ventures has launched following a partnership between entrepreneur and investor Paul Judge and venture capital firm BIP Capital, which has more than USD550 million in assets under management. 

Judge and BIP Capital Co-founder Mark Buffington are managing partners of Panoramic Ventures, which has also launched a new fund with a target of USD300 million.

Panoramic’s core mission is to fund companies in the Southeast, Midwest, and other regions across the USA where high-potential firms are often overlooked.

“Our intent at Panoramic is to take a wider-view approach to investing in order to give more entrepreneurs access to both capital and expertise to help build leading tech companies, regardless of geographic location,” says Buffington. “Looking outside the traditional innovation hubs to find the most promising tech companies is something that we have been doing successfully for over a decade, and with the new Panoramic fund we’re accelerating this initiative.”  

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