Upwardly mobile - Private equity investors eye returns from 5G 'revolution'

5G connections

With a predicted USD275 billion of investment expected from US wireless providers over the next few years, not to mention up to three million new jobs and an annual USD500 billion GDP boost for the US economy, it’s no wonder that 5G is being a dubbed truly transformative technology. And as James Williams finds out, private equity investors are keen to help finance the revolution…

Yesterday, as I prepared my notes on 5G and why Brightstar Capital Partners, and other private equity groups, are so excited by it, I stumbled upon the latest Glenn Beck podcast on YouTube, featuring Jeff Brown, the angel high-technology investor, editor of The Bleeding Edge and Purdue alumnus. “This is genuinely the first revolutionary wireless technology the world has seen since the first generation,” he states nine minutes in to the podcast. What continues is an engaging discussion on all things 5G and AI.

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