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Private Equity Global Outlook 2022

Private Equity Global Outlook 2022

Read the PEW Global Outlook 2022 to find out the views of GPs who actively managed their private equity portfolios through a second year of coronavirus turbulence and uncertainty. While private equity will no doubt continue to be a highly sought-after asset class through 2022, much of its future growth is expected to come from emerging areas, such as growth equity and impact investment.
The ‘Private Equity Global Outlook 2022’ special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.
Competition for deals in the realm of private equity continues to rise sharply. As investor demand soars and managers jostle for deals, new sources of information, such as web site traffic data, can provide an edge over their peers to
Despite two years of uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, a few things have remained relatively constant: a low interest rate environment; buoyant demand for private assets; and intense fundraising activity. During 2021, the latter moved to a record high.
Technology has had a deep-seated impact on the way private equity investment operates. But as macro tech forces move at pace, PE firms should approach business technology in a holistic manner and focus on solutions related to cloud, risk and

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