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Sogelink-Geodesial Group acquires ILTR

Just a few weeks after their merger, Sogelink and Geodesial Group have announced the acquisition of France-based company ILTR which develops the GEODP solution facilitating the management of public domain occupations. 

The obvious synergies with the Sogelink-Geodesial Group range of services dedicated to these issues were the guiding force behind this new operation, which also underlines the ambition of the group to cover the entire value chain in the construction sector, with around 40 solutions now at its disposal.

The Sogelink-Geodesial Group is already well-known for its public domain management solutions such as Littéralis (solution for the management and coordination of work/events in the public domain), (solution acquired by Sogelink in 2020 and which facilitates cooperation and the coordination of infrastructure and civil engineering work using artificial intelligence) and the most recent, (free solution for entering provisional worksite declarations). With the acquisition of ILTR, the Group is accelerating further its roadmap in this market segment.

Founded in 2002 by Yann Gobrait, ILTR develops the GEODP solution which includes eight modules enabling public bodies to manage markets, trade fairs, worksites, car parks, tourist taxes, signage, terraces, taxes on outdoor advertising and non-hazardous industrial waste, on site and in the municipal offices.

It is a small, close-knit company with around 40 employees, mainly in technical and commercial roles. All of them will become part of the Sogelink-Geodesial Group “Public Domain Management” teams whilst remaining in Angers (France), where ILTR is headquartered.

“This new acquisition is a terrific opportunity for our group to accelerate further its roadmap by developing its range of services for public bodies. ILTR stands out from the crowd with its very comprehensive GEODP solution and will be a genuine asset for our public domain management solutions. Its range of services is highly complementary with what we currently already deploy to over 4,000 public bodies,” says Fatima Berral, president of the Sogelink-Geodesial Group.

ILTR’s GEODP suite of products is highly complementary with the range of services developed by the Sogelink-Geodesial Group, most notably with very strong synergies to the Littéralis solution which provides public bodies with comprehensive overview of activities which have an impact on the public domain, such as construction work and events (trade fairs, markets, marathons, removals, etc.).

By way of an example, the main GEODP module – GEODP-Placier – includes features that are highly relevant to the Littéralis solution such as management of permanent and temporary market stall placements and the collection of related fees, mobile or online payment, accounts management for stewards, and the monitoring of stall holders.

Similarly, GEODP-Voirie can offer interesting new developments, especially in terms of mobility, with monitoring via tablet and violation management featuring geolocalised photographs, while Littéralis has real benefits for GEODP-Voirie when it comes to drawing up documents. GEODP-TLPE and GEODP- terrasse meanwhile supplement the assets of the Sogelink-Geodesial Group by ensuring the correct on-the-spot application of the decrees produced in Littéralis.

Combining the range of services offered by the group with these different modules, distributed as a SaaS solution (and as such fully compatible with the technologies and platforms of the Sogelink-Geodesial Group), will provide real competitive differentiation in the future for addressing multi-service projects for public bodies.

“We are very pleased to be joining the Sogelink-Geodesial Group which in the past has already demonstrated its ability to merge and improve solutions to better meet the needs of its clients. Today, we believe that combining our forces will enable us to considerably develop our market share with public bodies and to apply for more complex tenders by leveraging solutions that are incredibly solid and comprehensive,” says Yann Gobrait, head of ILTR.

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