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At Private Equity Wire we produce a number of special reports, updated each year to focus on jurisdictional, regulatory, technical and product investment issues in detail. Each report is produced with its own independent editorial and supported with detailed contributions from industry experts.

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Secondaries in Focus 2021

Transaction volumes in the private equity secondary market were strong in 2020 and the outlook for 2021 continues to look robust. This report outlines the dominance of GP-led deals in the space also identifying the growing appetite for transactions led by LPs. It highlights the key considerations GPs need to keep in mind when looking to restructure a fund. The report also underscores the rising complexity in the secondaries market, noting the need for deep expertise and thorough due diligence.

Special Report

Private Equity Startup Guide 2021

Despite any headwinds caused by the pandemic, the private equity industry has remained strong, with investor demand and planned allocations continuing to grow. However, with high levels of dry powder and increasing regulator scrutiny, startup private equity funds have much to contend with. 

This report outlines the shifting competitive environment startup funds need to navigate. Industry commentators say this has led to growing complexity in transactions as managers seek to entice investors. Having a clear view of the fund’s objectives and a concise way of communicating can also help decide a manager’s fate. 

Special Report

IFPR Regulation in Focus 2021

The regulatory environment in the UK is on the cusp of significant change. As the compliance deadline for the Investment Firm Prudential Regime (IFPR) looms closer, investment firms need to take action to ensure they meet this target. 

Smaller, previously exempt firms might be the ones to experience the biggest upheaval as they need to account for new risk factors and adjust their capital requirements accordingly. 

However, it's not too late to take action. This report outlines the steps firms can take to prepare for this change and the paths which will support them in this journey. 


Hong Kong Fund Services in Focus 2021

Hong Kong has implemented a number of regulatory and legislative changes to support its growth as a financial hub in Asia. The introduction of the Limited Partnership Fund (LPF) regime, amendments to the existing Open-Ended Fund Company (OFC) regime and reforms to change the tax treatment of carried interest are the most lauded changes being ushered in. 

This report outlines the trajectory the jurisdiction is expected to follow in achieving its objectives. As travel restrictions begin to lift, business from Chinese managers is anticipated to increase. Further, in view of investors’ continued appetite for alternative assets, Hong Kong can offer managers the opportunity to tap into Asian assets and investors. The report also discusses how managers are broadening their fund portfolio and planning to launch several funds from a single umbrella structures, with Hong Kong playing a central role.