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Survey reveals global private equity and real estate ‘Brexit’ opposition

Private equity and real estate fund administration specialist Augentius, has conducted new research which lays bare the extent of opposition to Brexit within the private equity and real estate industry around the globe. 

In a survey of more than 200 Private Equity and Real Estate firms across Europe, the US and Asia, a clear majority of three quarters indicated their support for Remain. Among UK firms alone, the level of support for Remain is similar, at 73 per cent – far higher than among the wider UK electorate, with polls suggesting a tight race.
Interestingly, majority support for Remain is more emphatic still among firms based in Europe and the US – at 85 and 81 per cent respectively – suggesting that the UK’s position within Europe is even more beneficial to firms in these regions than it is for UK firms. Opinion is more split among Asian firms however, with 60 per cent indicating a preference for Remain.
When asked how important the outcome of the referendum will be to their business, UK firms were understandably the most concerned, with nearly 70 per cent stating it will be ‘very important’ or ‘important’.
Firms in Europe, the US and Asia were more mixed in their answers, likely reflecting the extent to which they do business with the UK. Concern was second-most pronounced among European firms, where over half rated the outcome as ‘important’ or ‘very important’. However even in the US and Asia, a substantial minority of firms said the same – almost half (47 per cent) in the US, and 40 per cent in Asia.

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