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Technology Report 2022

Technology Report 2022

This report outlines the shifting technology needs in the private equity industry and how the rising complexity in private assets is leading to more demands for transparency, information and communication on behalf of LPs.
The ‘Technology Report 2022’ special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.
The numerous market headwinds, including inflation, rising interest rates and a looming recession can result in profitable investment opportunities. But private equity managers need to close deals quickly to take full advantage of these prospects, and access to the right
Private capital managers are expanding the scope of asset classes for their investment strategies. This trend comes with more complex accounting needs and demands enhanced technology solutions.  
Private equity managers face a number of challenges relating to data – namely issues around aggregation, analysis, security and delivery. Smart deployment of technology solutions can help alleviate these pressures. “Having access to time-saving and risk-reducing technology will continue to

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