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Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2020

Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2020

This report outlines how the Tokyo hedge fund industry is setting its sights on growth as players anticipate government initiatives will bear fruit and stimulate the sector further, including new legislation and adopting the use of English.
The ‘Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2020’ special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.
By A Paris – A stable, clean country, with a sensible government – Japan is well set for building out its fund industry. Proposals are being made to overcome barriers like high tax levels and legal restrictions, promising lower income
Interview with Alvaro Tamura, Gordian Capital. What are some of the recent developments in the asset management business in Tokyo and what is the outlook? The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed activities in 2020 but it is likely that some of
By Stanley Howard, Teneo Partners – Effective capital raising is generally a key, if not the primary objective of global fund managers when considering whether to establish a presence in Japan. Despite the Covid-19 induced acceleration of conducting business within virtual
The alternatives and offshore business is gathering momentum in Tokyo as industry players witness growing demand and as government initiatives begin to bear fruit. This trend has led to changing technology needs as managers seek to accommodate global investors and
There is a continuing interest among Japanese investment managers to seek to broaden the suite of fund products they offer clients. They have been considering new structures and vehicles in order to provide a more diverse and efficient offering.

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