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TV analytics platform raises EUR6m in Series B funding round, a TV and radio analytics platform, has raised a Series B funding round of EUR6 million led by Runa Capital, Entrepreneur Venture and Cap Décisif. The new round is in addition to a EUR1.5 million round completed in 2016 with Entrepreneur Venture and Kerala Ventures, bringing total investment in the company to EUR7.5 million to date. will use the funds to accelerate its international expansion and continue to develop its market-leading platform. During 2019, the company intends to significantly grow headcount at its London office, and will open new offices in Spain and Germany.
In a vertical known for its lack of quantifiable ROI data,’s platform allows ad buyers to measure and optimise the impact of TV adverts on online traffic. Brands can optimise their media planning due to’s insights, based on their objectives: more visits, more conversions, geographical engagement and more effective TV visitor profiling and targeting.
By using’s platform, brands can also automatically take a leading position on Google AdWords at the exact moment that their TV audience is likely to be using online search to learn more about products advertised. In addition, the platform can apply similar rules to competitor ads. can be used to retarget a TV audience on digital media, allowing brands to convert them into customers. Advertisers can also input TV audience data into a data management platform or CRM.’s analytics platform is based on a patented technology of TV detection called ‘fingerprinting’. This technology compares the signature of the images and sound, constituting the TV stream, to an exhaustive database composed of all the images and audio samples of the advertiser’s TV spots – providing accurate media planning to the nearest second. This technology is the only one on the market that allows brands to analyse the impact of their advertisements, including the size of the advertising cut, the television context, the position of the spot in the cut and even the spots of competitors. will be expanding its offering with data insights on the impact of TV advertising, not only on digital environments, but also on brand reputation and traffic in physical stores. The company has recently announced the launch of a media prediction tool, which will offer advertisers the opportunity to build a TV media plan in advance, and buy TV advertising based on audience behaviour and engagement. 
Pierre Figeat, President and co-founder of, says: “We see the UK as one of our key markets, particularly given its commitment towards innovation and its strong adtech heritage. We look forward to building our team in the city and growing our roster of UK-based customers.”
Baptiste Brunin, CEO and co-founder of, says: “This round is part of our mission to become the go-to TV measurement and amplification platform for agencies and brands across Europe. With the global TV analytics market expected to reach USD4.2 billion by 2023, we are excited to demonstrate the relevance of these channels for today’s consumers – allowing brands to capitalise on the significant opportunities presented by a well-planned and holistic TV advertising campaign. Perhaps most importantly, we are committed to raising the value of traditionally offline channels for advertisers, agencies and viewers alike.”
Dmitry Chikhachev, Runa Capital Partner, says: “We’re excited to support team in their next exciting chapter of growth. embodies everything we care about here at Runa; an exceptional team of smart, energetic and dedicated entrepreneurs, sophisticated and unique technology and a multi-billion, established, professional market which has seen little innovation over the last decade. The TV and radio advertisement industries are striving to get hold of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that campaign planning and analytics become more competitive. is positioned perfectly, ready to become the market standard.”

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