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VC investor Redalpine launches CHF1bn Summit Fund

Zurich-based venture capital investor, Redalpine, is launching its next private equity fund with a target target volume of CHF1 billion and an evergreen structure making it more attractive to a broader professional investor base.

The Summit Fund has an evergreen structure, which is unique in venture capital but typical in classic equity investment funds. This allows for diversification over time across multiple economic and innovation cycles while providing investors with partial liquidity of their shares. Investors will benefit from exclusive access to investments in promising young companies and a return typical for this asset class. The CHF 1 billion target size of the fund will allow for a broad risk distribution across 100 investments. The size of the fund combined with the investment diversification and liquidity makes the fund particularly attractive to institutional investors.

The launch of the Summit Fund is part of Redalpine’s ongoing development: The Zurich-based private equity house has already launched six funds in the last 15 years, which have performed above industry-average. An evergreen structure has already been implemented for the “Opportunity Fund” (Fund 5) and validated by appealing returns thus far.

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