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Private Equity Wire webinar

Credit Due – How buyout funds are bypassing a tighter bank market

Credit Due- How buyout funds are bypassing a tighter bank market.


Colin Leopold, Head of Content – Private Equity Wire

David Wilson, Partner – 17Capital

Rick Fratus, Managing Partner – Stafford Private Markets

Jonathan Bray, Partner – Clifford Chance

Talking points for the Webinar include:

  • Overstretched syndicating banks are limiting the amount of debt that is available to buyout sponsors. Find out how deal volumes will be affected by new borrowing conditions.
  • With the cost of debt rising, we consider what new financing levers and forms of leverage are available to sponsors
  • Private credit is expanding quickly to meet the needs of dealmakers. How is fundraising matching deployment, and what might this asset class look like in 2023?