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Expecting More: The Evolving Demand for ESG and Impact Investing

Expecting More: The Evolving Demand for ESG and Impacting Investing


  • Tim Crijns, Fund Manager – Triodos Investment Management
  • Michael Kashani, Head of ESG Credit – Apollo
  • Kayode Akinola, Head of Private Equity – Blue Earth Capital
  • Aftab Bose, Senior Research Analyst – Private Equity Wire

Talking points include:

  • Up and up: 88% of GPs agree that impact investing will become a bigger part of the PE market in the next two year
  • Performance pressure: Investors are asking more questions around returns on impact funds, and performance measurement along financial and impact metrics
  • Sustainability in focus: Environmental considerations occupy the top-three benefits being targeted by impact funds
  • Credit opportunities: The rise of private credit as an asset class might create a substantial tributary to the impact investing pool