Global Outlook 2024 Report

Private Equity Wire webinar

The Great Reboot: Why private equity is finally turning to technology

Talking Points:

Outsourcing is moving from back-office accounting solutions into the middle and front office of private equity firms. How should fund managers make best use of the eco-system of fintech service providers growing fast within the asset class?
Private equity firms are increasingly turning to analytics and software solutions to find an edge in sourcing investments and to create value in their portfolio. What approaches are proving most successful and where will this trend ultimately lead?
Data scientists and analysts are fast-becoming key roles within private equity firms but hiring is difficult in the current market and integrating these skill-sets into a smaller manager comes with challenges.


Cesar Estrada, Private Markets Segment Head, Arcesium

Melissa Beam, VP, Finance, Shamrock Capital

Bill Murphy, Managing Partner, Cresting Wave

Philippe Jost, Head of Risk & Solutions, Capital Dynamics

Gwyn Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Fund Media