The ramifications of the pandemic in 2020 have brought into sharp focus the need for investment firms to operate in a truly agile, almost ‘deconstructed’ fashion. Far from thinking about disaster recovery sites beyond the office, firms have found themselves in a position where the home office of each employee has become a de facto extension of their HQ. And whilst this has worked remarkably well, thanks to the power of the cloud, there are still many factors for firms to consider to future proof their businesses, and guard against IT and cyber risk. 

During this webinar we will ‘think big’ and set out some of the trends for 2021 which we think fund managers ought to keep an eye on. Areas of discussion will include: 

  • How are investment firms managing the IT requirements to successfully automate workflows across their enterprise? 
  • What aspects of process automation have been accelerated as a result of Covid-19 - and what are the associated pros and cons? 
  • Will data decentralisation become a bigger priority for firms and how should they approach it?
  • The need for end point security in an office-less work environment 
  • The evolving cyber threat landscape in 2021 
  • New AI tools and applications I.e. ‘test and trace’ apps to keep employees safe 
  • What will the next iteration of the cloud look like?     


– Robert Higginson, Partner, Par Equity
– George Ralph, Managing Director, RFA
– James Williams, Editor in Chief, Private Equity Wire

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