PE firms need to know that their portfolios can withstand a recession and weather the storm as they look to generate value.  As such, this webinar examined some of the key considerations to building an FX risk program to help managers protect the long-term performance of their fund.

But what does an FX risk framework look like? What are the core elements to be mindful of, and what are the risks to getting it wrong?

The conversation also included the following points:

  • Setting the scene: Is there a growing awareness of FX risk among PE firms?
  • What are the main FX tools that most apply to PE portfolios?
  • The importance of developing an FX risk strategy that evolves over time
  • What are the risks to FX hedging that PE firms need to be aware of?
  • Q&A from the audience  


  • James Williams, Editor in Chief, Private Equity Wire
  • Bjorn Gravsholt, Director & Founder, Hereford Capital
  • Alex Lawson, UK Director of Hedging, Western Union Business Solutions
  • George Vessey, Currency Strategist, Western Union Business Solutions

In addition to this webinar, Private Equity Wire created a special report in collaboration with Western Union. Download the report here…

Replay the webinar below…

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