Much is made of the ongoing need for transparency from GPs, but what exactly are LPs asking for, from a data perspective? And what are their expectations in terms of the frequency and format of data? In this webinar, we will attempt to separate fact from fiction and present tangible insights on how investors are evolving their data analysis needs, and, crucially, how GPs are responding in kind. 

Featuring an established LP, an investor relations executive, a global placement agent and a leading service provider, the webinar will dive into the detail on how the data analytics narrative is evolving and the opportunities, as well as challenges, this is creating. During these uncertain times, access to good data on one’s investment portfolio feels more important than ever before.


Lucien Cipollone // Associate Partner // Capstone Capital
Gemma Braithwaite // IR Managing Director // All Seas
James Williams // Editor In Chief // Private Equity Wire
Chris Thoume // Director, Product Development // Sanne 

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