Continued advances in technology are helping to support investor relations teams in the private equity space, as they seek to respond to institutional investor demands, as well as strengthen the bonds of partnership.

Technology and video conferencing tools have risen to prominence over the last 12 months, and have quickly become an important aspect of LP communications, including building relationships with prospective investors across different geographies.And as LPs increase their appetite for more data and portfolio transparency, IR teams are leaning on technology more than ever to drive speed and efficiency in the GP/LP relationship. In this webinar we discuss the following topics:

- How are IR teams using technology and video conferencing tools to maintain close relationships with their existing LP base?

- What are some of the best practices to consider, as part of their LP communication strategy?

- How have AGMs changed since the pandemic?  How are IR teams sharing sensitive updates to their LPs in lieu of in person meetings?

- Given the upsurge of emails and other electronic communication to investors, what are some best practices IR teams can utilize to “cut through the noise”, stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of new investors during fundraising mode?

- How can IR teams leverage technology to stand out from the competition to tell their story?

- Current insights on how IR teams are using new technologies to improve LP transparency and reporting capabilities

- How have LP requests changed over recent years – and how has technology supported the IR team?

- What new trends might we see influencing the IR role over the coming years?


- Andrew Harrison // Head of Investor Relations // Silverfleet Capital
- Lena Ulrich // Executive Director, Investor Relations - Europe // Nordic Capital
- James Williams // Editor In Chief // Private Equity Wire
- Meghan McAlpine // Director, Strategy & Product Marketing -  Alternative Investments // SS&C Intralinks