Private Equity Wire, in partnership with DFIN, hosted a Digital Briefing to discuss how PE is deploying AI to drive due diligence and enhance value creation.

The nature of a private equity deal requires rigorous due diligence and adherence to contract laws, all of which takes substantial resources. 
What if that big buzzword, "AI", could actually help? 
Our panel of industry experts will go into detail about the benefits of technology in reducing the time spent on these important but laborious tasks, cutting legal costs and increasing productivity.
Adam Nguyen • Co-Founder, eBrevia
James Williams • Managing Editor, Private Equity Wire
Andrew Smith • Managing Director and Founding Partner, Albany Investment
The structure of the webinar will take you through the three key stages of a fund’s lifecycle, from pre-deal due diligence and research, through to the close and exiting of the fund.
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