This webinar, which took place on 15 October, 2020, asked a panel of GPs to share their insights on how they have continued to monitor the performance of their portfolios during the lockdown.

What issues have arisen? How much are they leaning on PortCos for more data, and is this helping strengthen relationships? Moreover, if GPs are relying on more data sets – both from management teams and independent data providers – what challenges does this present from a data aggregation perspective?


Discussion points included:

  • How are PE firms evaluating and analysing portfolio investments in the current climate?
  • What are some of the opportunities and risks that have emerged as a result of having to do this work remotely?
  • How are PE groups looking to leverage more data – including unstructured data sets – to better evaluate investment opportunities as they construct portfolios?
  • To what extent are GPs asking for more data from their respective portfolio companies to better understand risk, improve things like cash flow forecasting, and operational performance?
  • How can technology tools like Rainmaker support managers in their data aggregation exercise?
  • What does the future hold for the industry with respect to portfolio analytics and data management?

Tobias True // Partner on the Investment Strategy and Risk Management team // Adams Street Partners
Paul Landi // Product Lead // FIS
Mark Woods // Partner, Head of North American Private Equity // Cathay Capital
James Williams // Editor-in-Chief // Private Equity Wire

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