In this webinar, we ask how a data-driven approach to legal spending helps PE groups strategise weeks and months ahead of time as well as achieve greater overall visibility on costs, benefiting the fund and investors alike.

Our panellists will also discuss:

• Why relying on email and excel can make budget oversight difficult
• The challenges that GCs face when managing legal fees (internally and with respect to their portfolio client)
• How clearer window on legal spend can help the GC support the CFO and the investment team identify potential liquidity risks within portfolio companies
• The impact data-driven decision-making can have on assessing the true value of one’s legal & financial advisors
• Why better transparency on legal spend can also lead to better team collaboration


- Saba Ahmad // COO, Turning Rock Partners
- Scott Lenahan // Vice President, Legal & Compliance, Falcon Investment Advisors, LLC
- James Williams // Editor in Chief, Private Equity Wire
- Nicholas d'Adhemar // CEO and founder of Apperio


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