In this webinar, we will consider PE reporting and how it is aiding transparency by focusing on the following discussion areas:

• What does good reporting look like with respect to portfolio performance?

• The need for better streamlining (i.e. data management) to efficiently present data at different levels of granularity

• How technology is supporting the ingestion of new data sets related to ESG criteria for improved ESG reporting

• What are some of the upsides to effective reporting?

• What are LPs looking for from their GPs, broadly speaking, and how has this changed in recent years?

LP communication can never be underestimated but in light of the market impact caused by Covid-19, GPs can ill afford to risk any communication disconnect. With so much volatility, the way in which GPs are able to effectively report to investors, even if the news is not positive, can go a long way towards distinguishing between the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks to technology, managers are finding it easier to share information safely and provide valuable insights into the performance of their PE portfolios — and in doing so, reinforce the GP/LP trust-based relationship.


- Andrea Auerbach // Global Head of Private Investments, Cambridge Associate
- Elin Ljung // Nordic Capital, Director of Communication and Sustainability
- James Williams // Editor in Chief, Private Equity Wire
- Meghan McAlpine // Director, Strategy & Product Marketing, Alternative Investments, SS&C Intralinks

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