The ability to access, analyse, and present more and more data sets is quickly becoming a key differentiator in how investors view the sophistication of private market participants. Whether it is in the private equity or private debt realm, investment partners are relying on advanced analytic tools – for example to help them assess the viability of investment opportunities, better identify pre-investment risks and portfolio impacts as part of their due diligence programme, and provide important insights about their existing portfolios. 

But what trends are emerging in the field of data analytics? What are the various ways that managers are actively using analytical tools, as part of their day-to-day fund management activities? And what are the some of the best practices GPs need to consider, as they look to introduce more analytical firepower into their respective firms? 

These questions, and more will be discussed in an upcoming webinar in collaboration with AssetMetrix on 30 June. 

During the webinar, we will seek to address:

  • How is the appetite for analytical tools developing?
  • What are some of the key trends and where are they being applied within fund management firms i.e. front-office relative to middle- and back-office?
  • How is analytics improving/enhancing the way managers handle fund data? Is there a further push that is still needed in terms of manager adoption? 
  • How might firms better improve and automate their approach to using analytics in the middle- and back-office i.e. to improve reporting? 
  • How should managers think about the pros and cons of developing in-house capabilities versus outsourcing?


  • Timo Hara // Founder and Partner // Certior Capital
  • Dr. Andre Retterath // Principal // Earlybird 
  • George Lyons // Director // Asante Capital Group LLP
  • Marcus Pietz // CFA, Head of Analytics // AssetMetrix
  • James Williams // Editor in Chief // Private Equity Wire

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