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YEO Messaging launches private messaging app and opens crowdfunding

YEO (Your Eyes Only) Messaging, an ultra-secure private messaging platform, has launched after completing a successful pilot phase. Users can now download the beta iOS App from the App Store and an Android version is also available. To coincide with the App launch, YEO Messaging opened their crowdfunding round to the public today. ]

YEO was founded by a team of technology, security and design specialists, led by Alan Jones, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, who has multiple business exits including sales to NASDAQ, and Sarah Norford-Jones, who has held senior account management roles at leading creative agencies. 

YEO was built on the premise that people and regulated industries – from Cyber Crisis Management to Healthcare to Financial Services – need a compliant, trustworthy alternative to consumer messenger options. One that addresses user authentication and confidentiality and meets privacy law requirements to provide a trusted business to consumer channel. 

YEO is the only messaging application that guarantees delivery to the person rather than just the device. Privacy and security are guaranteed with continuous facial recognition so that only the designated recipient can see the message and view the content. The sender has complete control as content cannot be screenshot, copied, saved or forwarded unless allowed.

Through its crowdfunding campaign, YEO Messaging is looking to raise GBP500,000. The new funding will be invested to accelerate development of YEO’s desktop and business solutions, adding critical engineering talent to develop new features, as well as sales and marketing to establish YEO as the next-generation communication platform that provides security, confidentiality and privacy. There has been significant interest from investors during the pre-registration phase and private launch; YEO Messaging already has a commitment of more than GBP400,000.

This is the first time that YEO has been widely available to the public, beyond its successful pilot phase with an insurance company and healthcare group. Proof of concept plans are in place with several regulated businesses and government bodies that will lead to revenue through engineering and future license fees. The App launch and crowdfunding gives the public the opportunity to join the YEO Messaging community and invest in the next generation of private messaging.

Alan Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of YEO Messaging, says: “There is a strong interest from professional investors, but we also want to give everyone the opportunity to join the YEO Messaging community and come on this journey with us. With the minimum investment from as little as GBP10, we want to be sure that this investment opportunity is accessible. Open to all, but for Your Eyes Only.”

Luke Bolton at Seedrs says: “YEO Messaging is an exciting messaging platform that is changing the way we communicate – something we’ve not really seen before. The difference with YEO Messaging is its ultra-secure private messaging that connects businesses with people and provides users with total control. The passion, ambition and technology expertise of Alan and the YEO Messaging team is fuelling the company’s growth, as a key communication tool. We are thrilled to see how engaged Seedrs investors have been with YEO Messaging’s campaign during the registration phase.”

YEO has been designed to allow businesses to meet today’s complex data retention laws including GDPR. It gives users privacy, confidentiality and control, building and establishing unique bridges between businesses and their customers.

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