Technology helps managers meet growing investor needs

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SS&C Intralinks: Best Secure Workflow Management Provider – Investors’ demands have grown exponentially in the past few years, with requests for more transparency, data and standardisation – combined with a focus on reducing fees. These operational requirements have become increasingly burdensome for GPs and create pressure that drives the need for efficiency.

Services and technology solution providers like SS&C Technologies are at the centre of the alternative investment ecosystem. SS&C is the world’s largest hedge fund and private equity administrator, as well as the largest mutual fund transfer agency. SS&C owns and operates the full technology stack across securities accounting, front-to-back-office operations, performance and risk analytics, regulatory reporting, and healthcare information processes.

SS&C Intralinks, one of SS&C’s software-oriented business units, serves the world’s largest community of GPs and LPs with more than 245,000 LPs from over 57,000 organisations, including endowments, foundations, consultants, pensions and sovereign wealth funds.

“We’re uniquely positioned to understand the challenges faced by fund managers. We understand that creating value for clients and attracting and engaging investors are key for fund managers,” said Meghan McAlpine, Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, Alternative Investments for SS&C Intralinks.

The current fundraising environment is challenging and provides an opportunity to further elevate the role of technology. McAlpine says: “Using technology can make the entire fundraising process move quicker and more smoothly. Technology can also potentially reduce the time to close.”

Discussing more specific applications of technology, McAlpine notes: “Using a virtual data room to manage due diligence is essential for any fundraising activity. Virtual data rooms or VDRs give managers the ability to provide access securely to investors. VDRs help managers better understand what investors are looking at and focusing on to gauge interest levels. A virtual data room also allows managers to lock down any sensitive information they are sharing with investors or only give access to documents when investors move further down the path.”

SS&C Intralinks offers solutions and services across all business functions for a fund manager, including investor relations, deal management, fund administration, accounting and portfolio monitoring. SS&C Intralinks is the only provider that can help managers across all of these functions with its unique set solutions. 

“We’ve put together technology and services to deliver value to fund managers. The alternative industry is focused on relationships, and technology will never take the place of that. Still, I think that technology can help aid the process,” McAlpine comments. 

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