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How technology is helping to evolve the investor relations role

This Private Equity Wire webinar, produced in conjunction with SS&C Intralinks, addresses a range ion issues including how IR teams are using technology and video conferencing tools to maintain close relationships with their existing LP base; the best practices to consider, as part of LP communication strategies; and IR teams

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What next for the role of data analytics in private markets?

The ability to access, analyse, and present more and more data sets is quickly becoming a key differentiator in how investors view the sophistication of private market participants. Whether it is in the private equity or private debt realm, investment partners are relying on advanced analytic tools – for example

Measuring financed emissions is critical for investor success

In private markets, carbon considerations have quickly become a critical aspect of investment decisions. Steve Cain (pictured), Senior Manager of Services at Novata, breaks down how investors can benefit from tracking financed emissions, challenges with calculation, and advice for getting started.

Fund finance: how to unlock scalability with growth

Fund finance is witnessing exponential growth, but this comes with escalating operational requirements for sponsors and lenders as they scale these facilities. Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Oxane Partners – named New Solution of the Year at the Private Equity Wire European Credit Awards for its leverage facility


14 November, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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