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Private markets-focused software provider Quantium draws on two core domains for its success – an impressive foundation of industry expertise, and next-generation investment management software that sets new best-practice standards for GPs globally. Quantium’s Co-Founder and Partner, Jessie Juan chats to Private Equity Wire about some of the challenges and opportunities facing the firm and how its advanced analytics solutions are helping clients solve their most complex problems.

Describe your firm’s service offering and what makes it special.

Quantium is a private markets specialised, cloud-based software provider with a suite of modern, integrated solutions across portfolio management, fund reporting, business intelligence and investor relations. Our team members are private markets veterans with a deep understanding of PE/VC/FOF operations. The firm remains founder-led, with a continuous focus on technology and innovation to help private markets managers  achieve best practice across their investment operations – regardless of the size of their business.

What product or service innovation from the past 12 months are you most proud of?

Over the past 12 months, our team has enhanced our private debt module, equipping our clients with more advanced tools to navigate and obtain full control of their operational complexities. As the private debt asset class continues to gain popularity, we see increasing challenges faced by private debt fund managers in areas such as managing loan schedules, cash flows, payment-in-kind (PIK) interest, alongside ever-evolving scenarios such as equity warrants and restructurings. The lack of modern and integrated solutions has led us to identify ways in which technology can tackle these issues effectively.

Specifically, we have further enhanced our tools in areas such as loan amortisation automation, payment reconciliation and IRR analytics, as well as proactive monitoring of borrower’s performance, and ultimately integrate them with fund and investor reporting. At Quantium, our goal is to help private markets managers not only streamline their day-to-day tasks, but also gain a holistic system that bolsters high-level monitoring and oversight for better reporting to their investors.

How has Quantium helped private markets clients navigate the economic landscape of the past 12 months? 

As investors are becoming more selective in asset allocation and manager selection, impeccable investor servicing plays a vital role in the continued success of a private market fund’s operation. At Quantium, our solutions help to connect the various operational silos into one integrated platform where:

  • Portfolio data and reporting can be standardised through a robust data collection, validation and report automation process to ensure data transparency and accuracy
  • Fund data (whether outsourced to external fund administrator or managed inhouse) can be digitised for better control and timely access to critical fund or investor performance statistics.
  • Investor data can be shared or viewed on Quantium’s purpose-built mobile / tablet application, where single fund and cross-fund performance dashboards empower GPs to better engage with their investors, from a relationship-level perspective or a management bird’s-eye view.

Quantium’s modern, purpose-built solution can tackle each department’s needs while seamlessly connecting portfolio, fund and investor data to ultimately bring powerful insights to senior management and investors.

What economic forces – in Europe and/or globally – do you anticipate having the biggest impact on your business over the next 12 months?

We expect increasing demand from private market fund managers and fund administrators for modern investment management tools, driven by investor demand for data transparency, rising labour costs – as well as more AI-enabled applications becoming relevant and available to private market funds operations. 

How are you preparing for the above?

The increasing prevalence of AI is already reshaping the private markets landscape, and we’re determined to lead the charge on integrating AI into our software. At Quantium, we are well aware of the enormous potential of AI to enhance operational processes, refine our software offerings, and fundamentally reshape the way our clients engage in investment activities.

 Our team is proactively building AI into our system, to help our customers achieve tangible cost and time savings, as well as superior data quality. Soon, we will be launching Quantium Assist, an in-app assistant powered by AI that’s designed to automate advanced data ingestion, validation, and anomaly detection. We’ve introduced numerous intelligent enhancements to our system with more exciting updates in the pipeline; all of which promise our clients even greater efficiency and accuracy.



Jessie Juan, Co-Founder, Quantium – Jessie is Co-Founder and Partner at Quantium, a next generation fund and portfolio management software firm. Her career spans more than 12 years of alternative investment experience across Asia and Europe, with a focus on private equity integrated investing in Greater China. Through her extensive LP experience, she brings best practice knowledge of investors reporting as well as Investor Relations services to the Quantium team. Previously, Jessie was Investment Committee member for Partners Group’s Asia Pacific & Emerging Markets Primary Investments, managing circa USD 1bn in capital deployment across primary, secondary and direct investments. She was also the Advisory Board member for multiple leading partnerships where she led the due diligence, legal negotiations, and post-investment account management. Jessie holds a BS degree from the Leonard Stern School of Business from New York University.

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