Earth Capital partners with Sany Group to advance green technology development

Earth Capital has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sany Group (Sany), a global heavy equipment manufacturer, to progress and deliver advanced green technology manufacturing projects in China.

The agreement is via the Chinese pillar of Earth Capital’s Global Technology Transfer Platform, Nansha Green Technology Innovation Service Co Ltd (NGTI), which is a joint venture between Nansha Financial Holding (NFH), Earth Capital Ltd and the iGreenBank. NGTI aims to promote international technology transfer and provide green finance to support world-class green technology innovation, all via a national innovation base in the Guangdong Province, China.
Under the partnership, NGTI and Sany’s technology team will work together on multiple technology projects such as automatic carbon fibre 3D printing and the industrial application of efficient insulation materials. Expert manufacturing and sustainability teams will collaborate to deliver pump, emergency equipment, wind power, smart manufacture, and prefabricated buildings to enhance green technology development. 
NGTI’s involvement will also help support Sany’s recently launched innovation platform which aims to promote the application of advanced technology in Sany’s supply chain. In conjunction with this, Sany has also announced plans to build a smart industrial park called “Sany Cloud City” in Shenzhen, China, focused on smart and clean manufacturing.
NGTI will also work with Sany Technology to develop new financial tools and cooperation models for better business innovation and technology adaptive R&D. This will help advance the development and integration of green technologies in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong Province, where NGTI is based. The Greater Bay Area is designated a Free Trade Zone that includes Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai as well as neighbouring Hong Kong and Macau and is the fulcrum for the development of the latest technologies and innovation.
Gordon Power, CEO of Earth Capital, says: “As one of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers with vast scale and technological expertise, we are delighted to be partnering with Sany Group in driving forward the development and use of green technologies. Our current work in Guangzhou, especially in the Nansha District, has made significant progress, so we plan to work with our partners to bring sustainable technology-based businesses in the Greater Bay area to work with partners such as Sany. In addition, we are working to establish a green technology development fund to support the commercialisation of these technologies.”
Dr Jin Guo of Earth Capital Asia says: “Through the establishment of the innovation base, Earth Capital Asia is thrilled to be working with Sany Group as a strategic partner committed to sustainable and healthy growth in the region.”

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