SteelBridge Consulting and CEPRES form strategic partnership

SteelBridge Consulting (SteelBridge), a boutique services firm which provides expertise exclusively to the private capital industry, and CEPRES, an award-winning provider of investment decision solutions for private markets, have formed a  strategic partnership. 

This alliance combines SteelBridge's unparalleled implementation and support services with CEPRES' industry leading investment analytics, data solutions and counterparty network.

With CEPRES’ digital solutions for secure data transfer and exchange, decision makers gain accurate, actionable insights on their portfolio of funds down to single operating assets within a confidential, flexible framework. The SteelBridge-CEPRES technology consulting partnership is groundbreaking, in particular for CEPRES, who are launching the programme this year. The program is designed to equip private market professionals with a curated digital architecture for optimal data management and informed decision-making in jointly led projects.

“Data access and transparency is critical to our Private Equity and Venture Capital clients' success. CEPRES' innovative platform connects over 3,200 counterparties to securely exchange confidential investment data, and our Consulting Services team is excited to help fund managers and investors transform their current systems and processes with these powerful solutions," says James Haluszczak, SteelBridge Founder and Managing Partner.

At the center of CEPRES' comprehensive suite of solutions is the Digital Data Hub. This unique technology has made CEPRES the single largest dataflow manager of verified private markets intelligence. In fact, the Digital Data Hub currently encompasses transactional data on more than 8,300-plus funds, 85,000-plus deals, and operating data of USD32-plus trillion of invested companies and real assets. In addition to CEPRES’ exclusive technology, the partnership with SteelBridge empowers clients to put their data to work. 

As recognised experts in the private capital industry, SteelBridge offers strategic advisory and management consulting services to help clients manage their data and reduce overall operating risk. SteelBridge aims to integrate all stakeholders in the investment lifecycle, ensuring that solutions adapt quickly and successfully into a firm’s framework.

Tony Chung, CEPRES Chief Business Development Officer, says: “CEPRES delivers a full range of innovative solutions for the modern investment professional, including portfolio monitoring, investors due diligence, ESG, risk management, and asset allocation. Our partnership with SteelBridge will allow for end-to-end program management support, system deployment assistance, and solution customisations to tackle any firm’s evolving business needs."

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