3B Future Health GP launches new fund to support innovative medical startups

3B Future Health GP Sarl has launched the 3B Future Health Fund II, with Riccardo Braglia, Francesco Giavatto, Francesco Granata and Roberto De Ponti as General Partners. The fund is focused on early-stage investment opportunities in areas of high unmet patient need and follows the success of 3B Future Health Fund I, formerly known as Helsinn Investment Fund. 

The investment focus for the fund is on US and European-based start-ups working in the field of oncology and rare diseases therapeutics. The fund aims to bring life-changing treatments to patients, driven by a sense of purpose, excellent execution, personal involvement and premium performance. Fund II is backed by the same diversified and experienced team as Fund I with a broad network and drug development knowledge; bringing together expertise in drug discovery and research and development, drug manufacturing, business development and licensing as well as investment fund management. The fund is incorporated in Luxembourg where the anchor investors will be the Helsinn Group and the Braglia family. The fund targets EUR100 million partnering with experienced private and institutional investors.  

Riccardo Braglia, Chairman of Helsinn Group and General Partner, says: “I’ve been delighted at the success of the first fund. 3B Future Health Fund II will be underpinned by the same core principles of quality, integrity and respect that characterise my family and the Helsinn Group as a whole. We are excited by the prospects of the healthcare sector and have high aspirations for this fund.” 

Philippe Meloni, CEO ‎Lemanik Asset Management, says: “Luxembourg Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) is once again the preferred structure to raise money in Europe for Private Equity/Venture Capital funds. We at Lemanik are really proud to have been appointed as Alternative investment fund managers for the 3B Future Health Fund II, and we should all embrace the scope of this fund that is focused on early-stage investment opportunities in companies specialised in cancer treatments with the ambition to improve the life of every patient.” 

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