VAM Funds partners with Foresight Capital Management to launch VAM Global Infrastructure Fund

VAM Funds (VAM), a Luxembourg SICAV fund management company, has partnered with Foresight Capital Management to launch the VAM Global Infrastructure Fund (GIF). 

FCM brings a strong track record in investment management, having generated consistent outperformance for Foresight’s Global Real Infrastructure Fund, which reached a Net Asset Value of GBP500 million within two years of launch. 

The fund’s investment strategy will focus on globally-listed asset-owning infrastructure and renewables businesses, tapping into the growth potential and attractive risk-adjusted returns available to investors.

The new Fund complements VAM’s range of funds ranging from single strategy to discretionary funds. GIF will be distributed in South Africa, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe through VAM’s established global distribution capability.

Mark Brennan, Director and Head of Investments at Foresight Capital Management, says: “This new investment mandate for FCM represents a landmark endorsement of the team’s investment capability and track record. Having built up AUM in the UK to GBP1.1 billion since 2017, FCM’s new partnership with VAM Funds now opens up several large global distribution markets. We are excited at the prospect of working with the VAM Funds team and look forward to growing the VAM Global Infrastructure Fund together.”

Brendan Adams at VAM Funds, says: “I am delighted that VAM has partnered with Foresight, a leader in infrastructure investing, to manage the VAM Global Infrastructure Fund, a Luxembourg UCITS V Fund. We believe that investing in infrastructure represents an excellent way for investors to participate in the economic, social, and environmental future of countries around the world, and will be an important addition to our range of offerings. We look forward to working with the Foresight team as we bring this capability to our global network of financial intermediaries and institutions.”

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