Graycliff’s WorldWide Electric acquires Georator Corporation and Athlon Generator

Graycliff Partners' portfolio company WorldWide Electric, a provider of industrial electric motors, gears and motor controls for an array of industrial end‐markets, has completed the acquisition of Georator Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of rotary and solid‐state power frequency converters for applications in the industrial, aerospace, and government sectors. 

WorldWide Electric will also acquire Georator’s subsidiary, Athlon Generator, a provider of generators for industrial applications.

The acquisition of Georator and Athlon enables WorldWide Electric to expand its product offering, adding frequency converters and generators to its extensive offering of motors, motor controls, and gear reducers. Through this expanded product offering, WorldWide Electric will become a more effective partner for their existing customer base while also having the opportunity to meet and serve new customers.

“Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked hard to attract and maintain a loyal customer base by providing exceptional customer service. We’re excited to have the opportunity to serve our existing customers with new products while also introducing a new set of customers to the convenience of our customer‐centric business model. I’m truly excited to add these quality products to the WorldWide Electric portfolio,” says Jim Taylor, President and CEO at WorldWide Electric Corporation.

“We are pleased that a company with the outstanding track record of WorldWide Electric will be carrying on our 70‐year history,” says George Ripol, retiring CEO of Georator. “We have great confidence that WorldWide Electric will be able to take Georator and Athlon to the next level.”

“Georator and Athlon’s products, trusted for their reliability and longevity, are a key addition to WorldWide Electric’s product portfolio,” says Brandon Martindale, Graycliff Partners Managing Director. “We are excited to work with Jim and the team to continue to build the portfolio while prioritising the best‐in‐class service and customer experience that WorldWide Electric is known for.”

This is the second add‐on completed by Worldwide Electric since Graycliff’s acquisition of the company in 2018, following the company’s acquisition of Louis Allis in 2020. These acquisitions have created a single source for off‐the‐shelf motors, controls, and gear reducers, custom specialty and large horsepower motors, and now frequency converters and generators.