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2nd annual Powering Africa: Summit conference set to welcome US investment into Africa’s power sector

A number of African energy ministers, and strong representation from US inter-governmental agencies, not to mention leading executives of African utilities, will all be in attendance at the 2nd annual Powering Africa: Summit, taking place between 27 and 29 January, 2016 at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington DC.

The Summit, organised by EnergyNet, brings together USAID, Power Africa, Millennium Challenge Corporation and other US inter-governmental agencies with Africa’s Energy and Infrastructure Ministers and other key stakeholders in the energy sector to discuss investment opportunities.

The first annual Powering Africa: Summit took place in January 2015, following the first ever US Africa Leaders’ Summit to be held in Washington DC and the launch of the US Government’s Power Africa initiative.

The US private sector will play a key role in this year’s meeting, as global private equity houses, asset managers, power developers and infrastructure groups meet key government figures from the US and Africa to understand the opportunities for joint ventures and strategic partnerships in the African power and infrastructure sectors. Public and private sector players across North America and Africa will highlight some of the joint venture success stories that have emerged out of Africa, and their experience of what makes a successful partnership.

 “The 1st Annual Powering Africa Summit focused more on the different projects that Power Africa was engaged in. In 2016, the program will focus more on the private sector, highlighting some of the successful deals that have taken place. The Summit will outline current opportunities for those who have never ventured into Africa before, and dispel some of the myths about what it is like to conduct business deals there,” says Veronica Bolton-Smith, Program Manager at EnergyNet.

Real success stories will be showcased, such as private equity houses that have launched new funds in Africa (i.e. Carlyle Group). What projects are they looking at? What do they need in terms of legislation, feasibility studies; basically what are the various elements they need to make their life easier before investing in Africa? PE managers, and other investors, will have an opportunity to share these views directly with key policy makers at the summit,” says Bolton-Smith.

“It works in favour of companies who have never operated in Africa before; it’s a good way to test the waters and work with an established company on the ground,” says Bolton-Smith, adding that one of the other key aims of the Summit is to ensure that private sector attendees are able to meet with the right companies “that are trusted and well known in Africa. We want to create a platform for them to meet each other and possibly discuss JV opportunities; it’s a key element of the program.”

Participants will attend dedicated sessions and workshops and hear from leading global private equity houses on investment opportunities in Africa. Sessions include: ‘How to approach Joint Venture Partnerships in Africa’, ‘Private Equity: The Rise of Global Investor Interest in Africa’s Private Sector’ as well as a host of unique networking opportunities over the two day Summit. Below are just a few of the confirmed speakers:

  1. H.E. Hon Minister Jeannot Matadi Atadi Nenga Gamanda, Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Democratic Republic of Congo
  2. H.E. Hon Minister, Obeth Kandjoze, Minister of Energy and Minerals, Namibia
  3. H.E. Hon Minister Kwabena Donkor, Minister of Power, Ghana
  4. H.E Hon Rivo Rakotovao, Minister for Presidential Projects, Territory Planning, Madagascar
  5. Andy Herscowitz, Co-ordinator, Power Africa and Trade Africa
  6. Anita Marangoly George, Senior Director, Energy and Extractives, The World Bank Group
  7. Karen Breytenbach, Head of IPP Office, Department of Energy, South Africa

“The Chairman of the African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR) will be bringing a team of regulators with him. Also in attendance will be representatives from General Electric, Shell Denham Capital, Cheniere, Schneider Electric, plus many more,” says Bolton-Smith.

Attendees will get first-hand insights from a diverse range of companies such as Karpowership – a unique company that provides short-term power supplies by docking ships off coastlines, from which they transmit power.

To find out further details about the 2nd Annual Powering Africa: Summit, please click on any of the following links:
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