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AARM releases new capital calls functionality for PE investors

Alternative Asset Risk Management (AARM) Corporation has released extended functionality to support investors in private equity with their cash management needs.


The Capital Call Trends feature will enable investors to understand the distribution of potential draw down rates for a private equity fund and forecast capital calls to effectively manage commitments within a private equity investment portfolio. The Capital Call Trends functionality is included within the Industry Insights module, which also contains the AARM FOIA Performance Benchmark, AARM Dry Powder Percentage and AARM Dry Powder Years©features that help analyse private equity market trends for meaningful decision-making insight.

“The AARM platform is based on a comprehensive proprietary risk framework and this new functionality enables investors assess a cash drawdown risk that is specific to private equity," says Nate Richards, Senior Director at AARM Corporation. “Investors can now determine the capital call profile of a fund based on a historical pattern of funds with similar characteristics.”

AARM aggregates capital flow information and provides a visual output by year of how capital is called by a particular investment strategy and enables an investor to assess expected cash calls based on their particular portfolio fund’s investment strategies. Additionally, users can compare different fund characteristics side by side to determine which may be a better fit for their portfolio. This innovative functionality is unique to the AARM platform and has been developed in close collaboration with AARM’s family office clients.

“We are pleased to deliver innovative solutions that help our customers manage their private equity investments and assess cash requirements of their alternative asset portfolios," says Irina Zeltser, Co-Founder of AARM Corporation. “We will continue collaborating with leading industry organisations and practitioners to create best-in-class analytical tools that support robust investment and portfolio management processes.”

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