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Accelr8 begins private equity sale

Accelr8 Technology has started a private sale of equity to qualified investors following its annual shareholders’ meeting on 16 December 2009.

Since early October 2009, the company has opened discussions with a number of prospective industry collaborators.

The company’s ability to do so became possible upon the completion of a technical development agreement with another company, announced on 25 September 2009.

In October 2009, Accelr8 received notice of allowance on its patent application for the BACcel rapid diagnostics system (instrument and materials). This notice follows the prior issuance of US patent 7,341,841 covering the BACcel system’s core methods for culture-free rapid microbial pathogen diagnostics.

The BACcel culture-free system works by extracting and immobilising live organisms from a patient specimen, and analysing them with an automated microscopy system that scans the patient sample in single-use cassette. Standard lab cultures now typically require two to three days, but the physician must start therapy within a few hours when a seriously ill patient shows signs of infection. For a serious infection, the lab needs to identify specific drug resistance mechanisms that counteract standard drug regimens, rendering them inadequate to control the infection. This happens in about one-third of initial treatment attempts.

Accelr8’s BACcel system reports quantitative organism identification within two hours of the lab receiving a patient specimen. This gives the physician actionable information during the narrow time window for starting initial therapy with broad-spectrum drugs. The system can then report major drug resistance mechanisms within an additional two to six hours, helping the physician to select narrower-spectrum antibiotics, reduce exposure to broad-spectrum agents, and thereby reduce selective pressure that leads to increasing resistance in hospital pathogen strains.

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