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Advantage Capital Partners invests USD5.7m In Kansas City manufacturer Barton Nelson

Venture capital and small business finance firm Advantage Capital Partners has provided USD5.7 million in financing to Barton Nelson, Inc.

Barton Nelson is ranked as one of the top 25 manufacturers of specialty advertising products nationwide. The new funding, which provides the company with working and growth capital, will enable the company to retain 73 jobs in Kansas City and help to drive future job creation in Missouri.

“Two innovative economic development programs enabled our investment in Barton Nelson,” says Louis Dubuque, managing director at Advantage Capital. “Thanks to the federal New Markets Tax Credit program and the Missouri New Markets Development program, we are able to provide Barton Nelson with private growth capital they would have been unable to secure in Missouri’s current capital markets.”

Barton Nelson, a family-owned business for 50 years, is known for rebranding the original sticky note as a self-adhesive marketing tool. Multicolor printing, die cuts, cubes, bright papers, pastels, raised printing and multiple imprints are all innovations that were first introduced by Barton Nelson. Unfortunately, the economic downturn of 2008 greatly restricted the client base for the company, resulting in a significant workforce reduction.

“We were struggling to maintain the business when we partnered with Advantage Capital,” says Bart Nelson, CEO of Barton Nelson. “Their willingness and ability to provide funding when conventional lenders had turned us away means that we can continue to serve our customers, meet our financial objectives, grow our business and provide stable jobs during a challenging time for the industry.”

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