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Aerostar and Presidio to capitalise on Asian aerospace growth

Aerostar Capital has partnered with Presidio Global to explore private equity investment opportunities in Asian aerospace markets.

The move comes on the heels of dynamic developments in Asian aerospace, including the emergence of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China as a future competitor to the long-standing Airbus/Boeing duopoly, the delivery of the first A320 assembled in China, and India’s rapidly growing defence expenditures.

Aerostar Capital invests in middle market companies that serve the global aerospace market.

Presidio Global provides strategic and capital advisory services to clients with a focus on the aerospace and biotechnology industries in emerging Asian markets.

The partnership brings together Aerostar’s track record in executing aerospace private equity deals and Presidio Global’s expertise in conducting rigorous research and analysis of Asian market opportunities.

The two companies will identify investment candidates in the Pacific Rim and South Asia that sell commercial aviation, defence, and space products and services.

Ideal investment candidates will have annual revenues in excess of USD50m, strong management, a reputation for quality and significant growth potential.

Bob Paulson, founder and chief executive of Aerostar Capital, says: "Asia is a critical and growing market for and source of aerospace products and services. With Presidio Global we intend to capitalize on these increasingly attractive investment opportunities."

Andrew Navarra, chief executive of Presidio Global, adds: "We are very pleased to team with Aerostar Capital and to work with one of the global leaders in aerospace private equity investing. Bob Paulson has spent nearly four decades in the aerospace industry, through his service in the Pentagon, leadership of McKinsey & Company’s global aerospace and defense practice and now as the founder of Aerostar Capital. Our commitment to data-driven decision-making fits well with Aerostar’s investment strategy and deep industry experience. There is great potential for both growth and consolidation in the Asian aerospace markets and our partnership will exploit these opportunities."

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