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Alantra CPA acquires real estate big data company urbanData Analytics

Alantra CPA, the credit and real estate portfolio advisory division of Alantra, has acquired a majority stake in urbanData Analytics (uDA), a tech company that offers big data and artificial intelligence services in the real estate sector. 

The company gathers market information from more than 40 public and private sources to develop 190 financial and urban context indicators, generating algorithms to maximise the return in real estate investments. 

uDA has received multiple awards including the most innovative company in the real estate sector in Spain by ACI 20161 and has been named as a top 10 most innovative startup in MIPIM 20172 and a top 50 best European Proptech company in EXPO REAL 20193. 

The company operates in Southern Europe and South America with a client base comprising major real estate investors, managers, and advisory firms. 

With Alantra’s support, uDA plans to expand its services portfolio, strengthening its market position and developing its presence in new geographies. Diego Rivas, Director of Alantra CPA, will join uDA as an executive partner to support the company growth. 

The founding partners of uDA will remain in the shareholding of the company, maintaining total independence in the operation of the business. 

Joel Grau, Managing Partner of Alantra CPA, says: “The quality of the current management team of uDA, which has been able to develop a differentiated product in the real estate sector. This operation is the first step for the development of a Proptech platform that is integrated into our service offering “. 

Javier Cabrera, Partner of Alantra CPA, adds: ”uDA has the potential to become a key player in the implementation of technology in the real estate sector. Big data will be a determining factor in the construction of value in the current environment, facilitating decision making at every stage of the investment cycle”. Likewise, Javier Cabrera has expressed his satisfaction for “continuing to count on the support of uDA’s founding team in this new stage of the company.”

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