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Alkhair Capital launches $100m healthcare-focused fund

Dubai-based financial services firm Alkhair Capital has launched a new $100 million Shariah-compliant fund domiciled in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) to focus on investments in the healthcare sector.

According to a statement released on Monday, the new fund will target businesses “harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster healthcare providers”.

“Healthcare facilities encounter a delay of 112 days on average to receive 90% of their payments from insurance companies,” said Naveed Aurakzai, CEO of Alkhair Capital. “We launched this investment fund with the primary aim of addressing one of the most formidable challenges within the sector, estimated to encompass $100 billion spending within the GCC.”

The company has partnered with fintech comany Klaim Technologies, a specialist in AI-powered solutions for assessing insurance claims, to help the fund meet its investment objectives.

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