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Amati AIM VCT hits target

Amati’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) VCT has sold out within five days of launching its offer, raising GBP25 million from private investors, GBP13 million of which was in the first 90 minutes and GBP21 million was raised on the first day.

This beats its previous record of raising more than GBP7 million within the first 90 minutes of its fund raise in February 2019. It comes in a record year for VCTs sales with more than GBP821 million sold, with six more weeks until the tax year end.
The offer launched at 10am on Wednesday 16th February and one third of the GBP25 million was raised through Wealth Club private investors. The offer closed at 8.45pm on Sunday, 20 February.
The minimum investment was GBP4,000 and in total the VCT has net assets of GBP247.1 million. Over the past 10 years, Amati AIM VCT produced a NAV total return of 241.99 per cent, making it the third best-performing VCT over the period.

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