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Ancala Partners portfolio company Biogen acquires anaerobic digestion plant in South-West England

Biogen, thane anaerobic digestion portfolio platform led by Ancala Partners (Ancala), has acquired a 1.1MW operational anaerobic digestion facility located in Weston-super-Mare, England, from Enovert for an undisclosed sum.

The facility will be integrated into Ancala’s UK anaerobic digestion platform, Biogen, a leading owner and operator of anaerobic digestion plants in the UK.
The facility is an important component of a broader waste management and food recycling programme in the region, with discarded food waste collected from the local area as well as additional waste from local businesses. Methane gas is then produced and converted through a CHP engine that generates enough renewable green electricity to power approximately 2,000 homes. In addition, the facility converts food waste into a nutrient-rich biofertiliser.
Spence Clunie, Managing Partner, Ancala Partners LLP, says: “The Weston-super-Mare facility is a high-quality asset serving an important community.  Its integration into our Biogen platform will mean it can benefit from resources and expertise of the team. This acquisition demonstrates our ability to secure add-on investments and promote businesses that benefit local communities.”
Adam Feneley, Managing Director, Biogen, says: “This is an ideal addition to the Biogen portfolio and provides exposure to a new geographic region for the business.  We look forward to working in partnership with Enovert to improve recycling targets and increase renewable energy generation for the benefit of the local community and stakeholders.”
Mark Silvester, Chief Executive Officer, Enovert, says: “Enovert are very proud of what we have achieved with the Weston-super-Mare anaerobic digestion facility, which we originally designed, built and operated. We are delighted with the sale to Biogen, an experienced operator of anaerobic digestion plants, and we look forward to developing a close working relationship with them post this transaction.”
In May this year, Biogen was named Recycling Business of the Year at the Awards for Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management. The company also won the Organics Recycling Business of the Year award, marking a transformational period for the organisation.
The UK Government is preparing to roll-out the circular economy package, which would limit waste sent to landfills at 10% of total arisings and increase recycling rates to 65 per cent by 2035 for all municipal waste. Anaerobic digestion is an important component in achieving these goals as it recycles food waste into environmentally friendly electricity, heat and fertiliser. Ancala actively supports this vision.

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