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Ansaar Management Company (AMC) closes seed funding round Led by by Insitor Partners

Ansaar Management Company (AMC), a housing developer in Pakistan, has close a seed funding round led by leading impact investor Insitor Partners.

The new funding will support AMC in delivering over 1,300 homes and residential plots, transforming the affordable housing landscape in Pakistan.

The funds raised will support the company’s growth plans as it ramps up deployment into low-cost housing in Pakistan. AMC will work alongside a strong network of local and international commercial partners, including UK-based Reall Ltd and Places for People. AMC undertakes a collaborative approach to identify and develop solutions which are contextually tailored for each new development, and are adapted to the dynamic regulatory and political landscape.

The deal marks Insitor’s third impact investment into the country. As development across Pakistan continues to pique interest from international investment, more opportunities are expected to emerge to generate measurable social and environmental impact and address the most pressing challenges in the country.

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