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Apollo Investment Corporation launches stock repurchase plan

Apollo Investment Corporation has adopted a plan for the purpose of repurchasing up to USD200 million of its common stock in accordance with the guidelines specified in Rule 10b-18 and Rule 10b5-1 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

The Company’s plan is designed to allow it to repurchase its shares both during its open window periods and at times when it otherwise might be prevented from doing so under insider trading laws or because of self-imposed trading blackout periods. A broker selected by the Company will have the authority under the terms and limitations specified in the plan to repurchase shares on the Company’s behalf in accordance with the terms of the plan. Repurchases are subject to SEC regulations as well as certain price, market volume and timing constraints specified in the plan.

The Company’s Board has authorised the repurchase plan because it believes the recent market turmoil may cause the Company’s common stock to be undervalued from time to time. The timing and amount of any share repurchases will depend on the terms and conditions of the repurchase plan and no assurance can be given that any particular amount of common stock will be repurchased.

James Zelter, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, says: “This decision is consistent with our long term strategy of seeking to create shareholder value.”

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