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Artemid closes Artemid Senior Loan II above target

Artemid, the joint venture between Capzanine and Amiral Gestion, specialised in Small and Mid-Cap Financing, has successfully closed its second senior loan fund (Artemid Senior Loan II).

Supported by its fifteen initial institutional investors, alongside new investors, ASL II reached EUR413 million, well above its target.
As a reminder, Artemid also manages a dedicated EUR70 million mandate on behalf of an insurer. Since its inception in 2014, Artemid has raised EUR750 million.
“Relying on the success of the first fund (ASL I) and on its dynamic deployment over two years, we have suggested to our investors to pursue the same investment strategy for ASL II. The fund targets financings from EUR10 million up to EUR35 million, which could be increased thanks to co-investments with some of our investors. The loans and bonds, senior ranking, have maturities between five and seven years and are usually bullet. Our borrowers are mid-cap companies with an EBITDA ranging from EUR10 million to EUR100 million and with a moderate leverage ratio not exceeding 3.5x,” explains Nicolas Komilikis, Managing Partner of Amiral Gestion.
Laurent Bénard, Managing Director of Capzanine, adds: “Since its creation, Artemid has financed 32 companies. Launched in mid-September 2017, ASL II is already invested in 9 companies. It will be invested all over the European Union and will benefit from Capzanine’s resources, as we recently expanded our presence in Germany, Spain and Italy.”
“Thanks to a sustained deal flow, relying on the Amiral Gestion/Capzanine ecosystem, both SME and mid-cap companies’ specialists, Artemid has invested in companies such as Ymagis, Stars Services, Viasphère, Groupe GPS and Datawords,” says Annie-Laure Servel, CIO of Artemid.

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