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Astia adds to Executive team

Astia, the global organisation investing in businesses with women leaders, has hired UK-based Leanne Case as Director of Astia Connect – its programmes for engaging the Astia Advisor expert community to ensure the success of high-growth startups. 

In this role, Case will manage the Expert Sift – an innovative, proven methodology utilising crowd wisdom facilitated by a technology platform to eliminate gender, racial and age bias in the investment sourcing and screening process. As of October 1 this year, the Sift reviewed USD2.6 billion in investment opportunities – putting to rest any pipeline issue. Case’s key appointment follows the launch of Astia’s USD100 million early stage venture fund earlier this year. 

Case’s expertise and ability to establish high-value partnerships have enabled her to build an impressive track record of developing world-class projects in challenging environments such as Mozambique, Afghanistan, and Iraq. She has been the driving force behind delivering GBP100 million worth of development projects, with a sharp focus on ‘responsible’ values that bring positive outcomes and empowerment to local communities. Case also founded the Future Energy Forum for leaders operating in fragile and conflict-affected economies, and serves as Chair of the Sustainability and Climate Change Category for the E&T Innovation Awards.

“We are humbled and incredibly excited to have Ms Case join Astia in this pivotal role,” says Astia CEO, Sharon Vosmek. “Her expertise in building and engaging communities for the benefit of business growth is unmatched and will be a standout differentiator for us and for the companies we serve. Astia’s Expert Sift is core to our ethos of removing bias and investing in inclusive teams  Ms. Case is an ideal leader to oversee the Sift and the community that underpins it.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to be joining Astia. Throughout my career I have been driven to remove barriers to economic participation,” says Case. “Astia leads the industry in leveling the playing field in investment, ensuring women can realise their business ambitions  not by being more like men, but by working to remove the bias that creates barriers and increasing the investment available to them. Astia doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the talk.”

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