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Atos acquires OrthoParc clinic in Cologne

Atos, a group of specialist orthopaedic clinics, is moving ahead with its growth and expansion strategy announced last summer by taking over OrthoParc clinic in Cologne.

This new acquisition, plus the acquisition of StarMed clinic in Munich in December 2016, increases its total number of clinic beds by more than 20 per cent.
Atos and OrthoParc have agreed not to disclose financial details of the transaction.
“OrthoParc allows us to expand our regional presence in North Rhine-Westphalia,” says Martin von Hummel, managing director of Atos. “We’re adding to our existing network by partnering with clinics which share Atos’ positioning towards highest medical standards and service quality. At the same time, we align internal administration structures across the group to generate additional synergies.”
“This partnership is the next step of our clinic’s development,” says Professor Joachim Schmidt, medical director and founder of OrthoParc. “Atos is a partner offering an attractive long-term outlook to our company, its employees and our excellent medical services portfolio. At the same time, our patients as well as the clinic’s employees will also benefit from sharing know-how and experiences with our colleagues at the other Atos clinics.”
Located in Cologne-Junkersdorf, OrthoParc clinic was founded in 2011 as a private clinic focussed on orthopaedic surgeries and it is housed in a modern, custom-built hospital. OrthoParc currently has around 100 employees and almost 50 beds.
Atos was spun off from MEDIAN in August 2016 to pursue an independent growth strategy with the support of is main shareholder, Waterland. The three orthopaedic clinics in Munich, Heidelberg and Braunfels form the platform of Atos group. Atos acquired STARMED clinic in Munich recently.

With the support of its owner Waterland, Atos intends to position itself in the German market as a specialist clinic group with a growth strategy geared to the acquisition of further specialist clinics. Atos will achieve growth through partnerships with experts and specialist clinics with up to 100 beds. Initially, it will focus on elective orthopaedic procedures such as endoprosthetics. In future, it could expand this focus to include other indications. 

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