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Baum Capital Partners launches GKB Growth Equity Fund

Baum Capital Partners (BCP), a private investment firm that provides equity capital and strategic resources in support of dynamic companies in the lower middle market, has launched the GKB Growth Equity Fund.

The Fund has approximately USD70 million of aggregate commitments from family offices, successful entrepreneurs and executives, and high net-worth individuals across the United States.
Jonathan Baum, Managing Partner of BCP, says: “We are delighted by the strong reception the Fund has received and humbled by the support we have garnered from such a highly respected group of investors. I am fortunate to be joined in this effort by my partners, Speros Kopitas and Chris Hanson, as well as a team of talented investment professionals. The three partners of BCP have worked together for more than 20 years. We are confident in each other’s skills, work ethic and judgment.”
Working in close partnership with entrepreneurs and managers, BCP intends to invest in technology-enabled and service-based businesses with exceptional prospects for growth. The Fund will consider opportunities in which a financial partner is being sought to solve a corporate or ownership need, including investments to support growth, facilitate ownership transitions and enable management-backed recapitalisations.
“As a point of emphasis, the Fund will pursue investments in companies that are believed to be less sensitive to broader economic cycles, or which serve markets that exhibit persistent growth with stable and recurring demand,” adds Kopitas. Our value-creation strategies will include establishing identifiable organic growth initiatives, building increased scope and scale through add-on acquisitions, and improving efficiencies through a focus on operational excellence.”
“By working collaboratively with aligned managers toward a shared vision of success, we believe we can build great businesses. At the same time, by deploying the Fund’s resources in conjunction with the expertise and know-how of our team, we believe we can build significant value for our investors and management partners,” says Chris Hanson, Partner of BCP.

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