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BNY Mellon Asset Servicing adds PE reporting for institutional investors to Workbench platform

BNY Mellon Asset Servicing is now offering investment-level information on client private equity portfolios – sourced from the Burgiss Group – via its Workbench portal.  he service will, for the first time, allow institutional clients with a Burgiss data subscription to access consolidated, detailed information on their public and private market investments in a single location.

According to data tracked by the BNY Mellon US Master Trust Universe, for plans with more than USD1 billion in assets, 95% have an allocation to private equity (PE). The median PE allocation among all plan types was almost 10% of total assets, with Foundations and Endowments having the highest share at just under 30%.  As of December 31, 2010, the market value of PE assets in the Trust Universe was USD110 billion.

"Private equity represents a significant exposure for most institutional investors, and with our ability to bring their PE  data onto our Workbench portal, we can now help clients see their entire portfolio in a few clicks," says John Gruber, managing director, global product strategy of BNY Mellon Asset Servicing’s Performance & Risk Analytics (P&RA) group.  "Historically, institutional investors have been challenged to combine their exposure to these private investments with publicly-traded portfolios. This capability adds a new level of transparency, which is critical to our clients."

BNY Mellon is the first custodian to integrate content produced by Burgiss onto a custodial reporting platform. Identified as a key need through BNY Mellon’s client advisory board, the consolidated private equity information allows institutions to streamline their reporting process while gaining greater insight and transparency into performance and investment risks. Without leaving the Workbench interface, clients can access holdings-level analysis of their limited partnerships and can view, analyse and report on holdings, sector and geographical exposures.

"Our long-standing partnership with BNY Mellon has always been about the customer," says James Kocis, president of the Burgiss Group. "Getting more of their data into Workbench is a big win for clients."

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