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BotsAndUs secures $13m in seed financing round led by Lakestar

BotsAndUs, an intelligence and robotics company, has secured $13 million in seed funding to expand its logistics-disrupting solution globally.

Lakestar leads the round, with participation from Maersk Growth, Kindred Capital, and Capnamic. 
Efficient warehousing is a crucial part of global supply chains. The rapid increase in demand for near-instantaneous storage, dispatch, and delivery of goods is placing enormous time and cost pressures on companies, who now need to rethink and enhance their logistics and storage operations. Some 69% of companies are currently looking to improve their inventory control and lower costs.

BotsAndUs collects real-time insights using fully autonomous, mobile robots to quickly process pallets at every stage in their journey throughout a warehouse. Triggered by the arrival of goods, their robots capture the volume and condition as they enter and leave the warehouse. The same robots scan goods on shelves and record their location and quantity. Robots operate without human intervention and do not require additional investments in infrastructure. These robots will save time by eliminating manual dimensioning and stock checking; ultimately allowing managers to have full and real-time visibility of their operations from the comfort of their desks.

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