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CAPZA acquires minority stake in Magellan Partners

CAPZA, an independent management company and a specialist in private investments in European SMEs with EUR4.82 billion under management, has acquired a minority stake in Magellan Partners Group.

Magellan Partners is an Organization and Information System Consulting group anchored in Technology and Data. With more than 1,200 consultants and a turnover of nearly EUR140 million in 2020, it is one of the leaders in the digital transformation of companies in France. Magellan Partners defines operational, data and digital strategies, defines and supports business strategies for energy transition supported by digital technology, leads the execution of projects, and implements innovative technological solutions to support its customers through its six specialised entities.

The strength of the Magellan Partners Group is based on its dual competence: business expertise and the strong technological specialization of its teams, which enables it to support its customers throughout their digital transformation projects. With 400 digital strategy consultants, the Group is involved in Organization and Information Systems Consulting in five business sectors with eight cross-functional practices and relies on 800 experts in leading technologies: Microsoft, Salesforce, AWS from Amazon, French players in the Trusted Digital Cloud and Sovereign Cloud, as well as various cybersecurity solutions. It has excellent coverage in France thanks to its 13 offices and is also present in Morocco.

Magellan Partners is now partnering wih CAPZA in order to achieve its strategic and growth objectives defined in its Strategic Plan 2025: to continue and strengthen the development of its current activities of Organisational Consulting and IT specialisation, and to expand into new activities. Magellan Partners expects to reach EUR350 million in revenues and 3,000 employees in 2025. This growth will be based on a combination of organic growth of 15 per cent per year as demonstrated since its creation and a targeted external growth strategy. CAPZA’s entry into Magellan Partners’ capital will thus enable Magellan Partners to accelerate its external growth strategy, with the objective of acquiring approximately EUR100 million in revenues on the French and European consulting and technology market.

The expertise of Magellan Partners, the quality and diversity of its offering have attracted CAPZA, which has decided to support the Group in the execution of its projects and in its targeted acquisition strategy in order to strengthen its position as a leading consulting firm in organisation and information systems in France.

This is the third transaction of the CAPZA 5 Flex Equity fund.

“We are pleased and proud to welcome CAPZA as a strategic partner of Magellan Partners to support us in the implementation of our 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan. We wish to continue to develop our know-how, our expertise and our value offer for our clients. This new partnership will also allow all Magellan Partners teams to continue their career development and take on new responsibilities within Magellan Partners. This partnership will enable us to expand into new technologies, new business sectors and new markets through an ambitious acquisition policy,” says Didier Zeitoun, Chairman of Magellan Partners.

“We were attracted by Magellan’s growth project, led by Didier Zeitoun and a high quality management team. We are convinced that Magellan Partners is well positioned to participate in the consolidation of the sector and to play a key role in the digital transformation of companies in France,” adds Benoit Chopin, Co-Head Flex Equity France, CAPZA.

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